Climate Facts Handbook

How do you talk about the climate without coming across as a know-it-all? Or that the statements come across as pure finger-pointing?

The free Climate Facts Handbook is an excellent guide to climate communication.

Show your stripes

In order to see at a glance how much our climate is changing, scientist Ed Hawkins created the so-called "climate stripes".

You can use the linked website to generate such climate strips for your own region.

Electricity maps

Electricity Maps" mission is to organise the world"s electricity data to drive the transition towards a truly decarbonised electricity system.

The result is an excellent, interactive map with information on the power supply of the individual countries.

Polar Climate Change Figures

Zack Labe is a climate scientist who is devoted to the changes in the polar region triggered by the climate crisis.

If you want to look at the consequences of climate change for the polar region, there is only one website to look at.

Chasing climate change

What is climate change already doing to Norway?

An excellently designed site that shows very clearly with short texts and videos what effects climate change has in Norway.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s best plan to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030.

The above quote from the website describes 17 important goals for humanity, but sounds rather theoretical. Unfortunately.

Nevertheless, these goals are worth knowing and pursuing.

Repair Cafe

Repair Cafés are voluntary meetings where participants repair their broken things alone or together with others.

Tools and materials for all kinds of repairs are available at the locations where the Repair Café takes place.